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Exceptional Muslimah

Changing Their Outcomes!

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Exceptional Muslimah Scholarship

Changing Their Outcomes through Education. Etiquette & Equality

Islamic Social Services of South Jersey, is committed to investing our efforts and resources into our youth in order to build a stronger future for the Muslim community. Exceptional Muslimah Scholarship Banquet measures our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements. When our youth succeeds so do we! Many Religious denominations support a variety of scholarship programs, at both the national and regional level. Some of these programs are strictly limited to members of specific congregations, while others are open to all practicing members of that religious faith. These faith-based financial aid programs are often sponsored by Christian and Jewish colleges or private endowments. In some cases, scholarships may be funded and administered by local church foundations or faith-based civic groups. Despite being one of the most widely practiced faiths on the planet, Muslims are still a religious minority in the United States. There are very few Muslim communities who are offering scholarship programs and less than a handful, especially for Muslimah. The Islamic Social Services of South Jersey, seeks to not only promote higher education but also reward our girls for their many sacrifices to achieve spiritual, academic and social balance. Our daughters are faced with many challenges as they navigate through their high school years. It is our hope that this organization and many like it, will secure the proper funding to assist them on their next journey in life. Each year graduates will be chosen to receive The Exceptional Muslimah Scholarship for their overall achievements and dedication. We ask that you donate generously to this cause. It is only through donations that we are able to accomplish this goal.

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Exceptional Muslimah

A Distinct Identity

Join us for a day of celebration. Exceptional Muslimah is the highlight of our program year, as we gather to celebrate the Exceptional Muslimah of our community. We will give scholarships to three young ladies, and honor young girls who are excelling. This year we will be introducing the Exceptional Muslim Women of the Community Award.

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2019 Exceptional Muslimah, Lailah Lea

Lailah Lea is a young woman who has exhibited motivation and a commitment to excellence at an early age. She was the valedictorian of the...

2019 Exceptional Muslimah, Sajwa Pasha

Ms. Sajwa Aiesha Pasha is a young lady with tremendous drive. She has blossomed into a mature, intelligent, hardworking, young adult who...

2019 Exceptional Muslimah, Sana Farhat

It is rare to meet a student with as much compassion and self-awareness as Sana. Her resilience, positivity, and humor are especially...

2018 Exceptional Muslimah, Esma Duka

Esma Duka's academic prowess often places her at the head of the class in every subject. She has received accolades for maintaining an...

2018 Exceptional Muslimah, Amna Ahmed

Amna is goal oriented, ambitious and enthusiastic. In school she is a member of the National Honors Society, Muslim Student Association,...

2017 Exceptional Muslimah, Inas Mutan

Inas's high school years were a roller coaster. She accomplished so much these passed 4 years MaSha Allah. During freshman year, Inas was...

2016 Exceptional Muslimah, Safiyyah Lee

Was born the middle child of five to Rasheeda Karima Bakr and Timothy Bryan Lee on April 10, 1998. She attended Islamic parochial school,...

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 Exceptional Muslimah Banquet

Exceptional Muslimah, A Distinct Identity

Promoting life long learners starts early and it is never to early to spark your daughters interest for higher education. By nominating girls now for their accomplishments we start them on the path of scholarship. Our #1 goal for the Exceptional Muslimah Banquet is to celebrate our girls. 

Support the Exceptional Muslimah Scholarship Fund. Please donate generously!

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