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ISSSJ Youth Auxiliary

Live by Faith, Serve with Honor, Grow in Grace

The Youth Auxiliary is comprised of  Muslim Youth who are dedicated to service, advocacy, and leadership. The Youth Auxiliary gets together to work on projects that support positive experiences and to help plan community events that directly impact Muslim Youth. 

Registration for a full year is $120.

(Just $10 a month!)

These membership dues must be paid by each girl. Dues go towards food and activity supplies. 

Girls must be at least 12 years old to join the youth auxiliary.

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Our Youth Ambassadors go through a comprehensive mentoring curriculum.                 

We cover such integral concepts such as:

Spiritual Development: Helping to instill spiritual development during adolescence has the potential to significantly enrich and strengthen the understanding of the core purpose and dimensions of human creation.

Health & Wellness: Youth Auxiliary is taught how to create the cultures of health and wellness that help improve the quality of life for themselves, families, and their community.

Academic Enrichment: Education is about self-discovery and cultivating an intellectual identity. Academic enrichment fosters growth by giving our girls the opportunity to have access to academic programs and resources.


Character Building: Teaching core concepts of character building such as, respect, responsibility, kindness, fairness, accountability, integrity and honesty.

Emotional Support: The teenage years are a time of transition from childhood into adulthood. Most often they feel overwhelmed by the emotional  changes they are going through. Youth Auxiliary offers a safe space where girls are encourage to talk their emotions out and have mentors and peers listen and help them understand their feelings.

Social Change: Youth Auxiliary members are taught fundamental principles to create social change in their communities such as:

• Building resilience and maintaining a hopeful outlook.

• Be open-minded and welcome diverse opinions, recognizing the important contributions of our diverse backgrounds.

• Commit to learning from one another in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance.

• Encouraging them to be proactive

• Respect one another’s unique voice and commit to giving each other an equal opportunity to contribute to their communities.

• Developing problem solving skills.

Leadership: The development of leadership in our girls will contribute greatly to the positive development of young people and their communities.

Community Service

Engaging in community service provides our youth ambassadors with the opportunity to become active members of their  community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large.  Volunteerism allows our youth ambassadors to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most.


Structured recreation has a strong and positive effect on our youth.  Recreation gives positive opportunities to learn, loyalty, and trust within their group activities, as well as to negotiate with peers, resolve conflict, and work together for communal goals. In addition, our youth often report positive emotional experiences in leisure, which can serve as a relief from the stress they feel in other areas of their lives and contribute to  well-being. Youth Auxiliary can lead to life long meaningful friendships with like minded peers.


The Best Is Yet To Come!

We have fun and exciting events planned each month!

The Youth Auxiliary has recreation, enrichment and community service events scheduled each month. We encourage the youth auxiliary members to stay involved and
bring their friends to join.

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