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2017 Exceptional Muslimah, Deizah Banton

June 18, 2017


Moving to a foreign country at the age of five was a huge feat for Deizah. She not only had to learn a new language, in two dialects, but also had to adapt to a new culture. Even so, she still managed to accomplish a lot both socially and academically. Upon returning to America, obtaining a GED after the eighth grade was not enough for her, so she decided to complete high school where she has also completed her tenth juzz and has started on the eleventh, Alhumdullillah. Deizah, now one of the three first graduates of IABC, is a hardworking individual who enjoys learning and being with friends. While studying physics in the tenth and eleventh grade, Deizah uncovered her passion for understanding how things work and has decided to study engineering Insha’Allah. She also dreams of traveling the world without the need of a translator and has recently been accepted into Rowan University by the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department. May Allah grant this kindhearted, ambitious, and bright young lady success in this life and in the hereafter. Ameen  


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