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2016 Exceptional Muslimah, Sasha Persaud

August 22, 2016


Instead of the traditional four years in high school, Sasha was able to condensed her time in high school down to three years, graduating her junior year. Her SAT score was 1930, which placed her amongst the top 25% of the whole country. She received the Presidential Volunteer Award through the volunteering that she has done at GCLEA. Sasha maintained her 4.0 GPA and was selected for a full scholarship through the NJ STARS Program. Sasha aspires to continue to learn and practice Islam, as Allah intended for her, to be a better human being, a better Muslim, a better daughter, granddaughter, cousin and friend. Career wise, she wants to be a Pharmacist.  She has thought about becoming a doctor, but she can't stand the sight of blood, so she will do her best to help others through Pharmacy, Insha'Allah.  She also aspires to teach what she has learned in Islam to others in hopes of making a difference in youths and new Muslims.  Sasha feels even though she can never repay her Mom, she wants to also help her, as she has given and done so much for her to be where she is today in school as well as in Islam (thru Allah's guidance, of course).



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