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Women's Wellness Workshop

Meet Our Presenters

We work hard to deliver exceptional services and programs and are so proud when this goal comes to fruition. A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at these profession Muslim Women who will be presenting at the 2018 Women's Wellness Workshop. Please help spread the word about all the amazing developments at
Islamic Social Services of South Jersey.

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Nadine George Harrington MSW, LCSW

Nadine George Harrington MSW, LCSW is a dynamic and energizing psychotherapist, passionate advocate, and diversified entrepreneur. Nadine is most passionate about healing hearts and minds and fostering emotional growth and empowerment. She has seen first hand how past traumas, life events, and biology can sometimes hinder people from reaching their full potential. It is for this reason that she chose to dedicate her career to serving those impacted by life’s challenges. 

Nadine has over 19 years experience in the mental health field, specializing in the treatment of behavioral and emotional challenges in children, adults, and families. Nadine graduated Summa Cum Laude with 

her bachelors and masters degrees in Social Work from Temple University. She also studied at St. Joseph’s University and there she received a graduate certificate in Behavioral Analysis. Nadine has worked, facilitated, and created pilot mental health programs at several preeminent companies in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. In 2009, she began working exclusively in New Jersey and eventually opened her own private practice, Alpha Child and Family Services in 2012. Nadine is also one of the managing partners of Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners of New Jersey. She is an advocate for educating others about the benefits of mental health services, especially in the African American and Muslim communities.


Dr. Farjana Khan

Farjana Khan, Ph.D. is goal oriented. Once she makes up her mind to help you, she will go out of her way to make you see results. She has over 10 years experience in working with individuals and families with difficulties. Dr. Khan’s educational and professional achievements include a doctorate degree in clinical psychology; a master’s degree from New York University; and a Life Coach certification. Dr. Khan is an author of 5 published books: Yippee! Ramadan is Over, It’s Eid, Yippee, It’s Ramadan, Watch Yourself Mental Health Curriculum and School Home Communication and Reading Achievement in Kindergarten Children. Acknowledgement of her book is in the School Library Journal. She has over 10 years of experience in the educational field. She also has made appearances on radio talk shows regarding current event issues. Dr. Khan has developed a protocol to help increase reading achievement in schools. She also helped promote child abuse preventive measures in schools. Lastly, Dr. Khan has made television appearances regarding other educational issues.

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Dr. Suad L. Islam

Dr. Islam is an international servant educator, lecturer, author and motivational speaker. She has 37 years of service to public and private school systems, organizations, businesses and universities in America and aboard. She has committed her professional and academic careers to the global expansion of outstanding educational, cultural, religious, literary and civic engagement opportunities available to children, parents and communities. She believes that the world is really flat, and there is really here. She supports nurturing a commitment to our connected humanity.

   Dr. Islam holds a Bachelor Degree in Special Education from Cheyney University, a Master Degree in Education from a cooperative program between Temple University and the Pennsylvania Department of Education in Psycho-Educational Processes and Organizational Development. She studied Literacy as a fellow in the Reading and Writing Department at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania. Her educational pursuits also led her to earn her K-12 Principal Certification from the University of Pennsylvania. She earned an additional Master Degree in Education from Temple University in Urban Education with a concentration in Urban Studies. Her Administrative skills have consistently been honed at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education where she was awarded 3 Certificates of Professional Development. She was awarded a certificate of completion from the National Institute for School Leaders Executive Development Program. In accord with the No Child Left Behind Federal Law, Dr. Islam is regarded as a Highly Qualified School Leader.

   Her most coveted academic achievement was the awarding of a Doctorate in Philosophy degree from Temple University, with a concentration in Sociology. Her dissertation was titled “Cultural Reproduction, Segmented Assimilation and the Religious Schooling Experiences of Immigrants at an Islamic Academy: Learning by Choice”. Academicians have heralded her study as an unparalleled sociological investigation that illuminated the world of Immigrant Muslims and Islamic Schooling in America. As an Adjunct Professor/Guest Lecturer at Drexel’s Medical School’s Art, Music and Dance Therapy Department she has had many opportunities to share her passion for Immigrant, Ethnic and Muslim Identity Theories.

  Dr. Islam is a qualitative researcher. She has authored several studies on Islamic Schooling Models & Practices, Muslim ethnic & immigrant identity formation, Immigrant incorporation and assimilation practices, Organizational Models in University-School-Community Partnerships, The History of Mass Schooling, Urban Muslim Microeconomic Practices, Urban Studies, Marginalization and Oppression in School Practices. Intergenerational Literacy Acquisition Processes in African-American Families, Character Development Models, and 21st Century Parental Engagement Practices. She has presented her research studies at academic conferences in the United States of America and abroad. 

Dr. Islam has created an Islamic Knowledge Trivia Game and a Ramadan Cookbook. She has also authored religious guidance and historical fiction literary works. She supports the Ghanaian construct of “Sankofa-To Lift & Pull”. This means that as one climbs one reaches back to lift and pulls others. Thus, as one flourishes so does one’s community.

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