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2018 Exceptional Muslimah, Naajia Shakir

June 29, 2018


Naajia was nominated for her exceptional character and academics. Naajia is a senior at Dr. Brimm Medical High School in Camden, N.J. She is number 4 in her class of 54 students with a GPA of 4.3. Naajia is her mother's eldest child and attends high school with her only brother, Naaji, who is currently a sophomore. She helps him with his school work, reminds him of his daily Islamic responsibilities, gives him advice, and reminds him to pray at school when it is time. She also helps her little sister, Kauthar with EVERYTHING!  Since they are the only girls, she teaches her fitrah, cleanliness of a Muslim,  reminds her of du’a to offer,  taught her how to pray,  helps her get dressed and teaches her about Tawheed. She has never NOT helped her mother with her siblings. Due to her mother's schedule working for the school district, time and situations can be unpredictable. Naajia makes sure things are done in the house and keeps up with studying she needs to attend to as well. Naajia loves having family dinner nights, as well as strives to keep her family in Kinship and praising Allaah. Naajia, attends Rowan University and takes courses through a program that has helped her tremendously called CHAMP GEAR UP, she works for HOPEWORKS, a program that helps clean up her community. She’s a youth ambassador for VIETLEAD and JERSEY ROOTS, that teaches the youth Agriculture, in order to cultivate produce by growing it and maintaining the gardens throughout Camden and Philadelphia. She is a volunteer of Chowhound, at her high school where they help with adoptions and care for animals. Naajia is also a member of Students Against Violence, with Dr. Coney, who has helped her community with teaching children about their culture and maintaining their communities. Her mother, has enjoyed watching Naajia ACHEIVE everything she puts her mind to and feels amazing to hear others say such great things about her daughter. Naajia goes above and beyond; Her administrators and teachers at her school  said, “Naajia is the most beautiful representation of what Islam is and how it should be shown in our community and media. When we see her, she reminds us of her peaceful religion. When Naajia speaks we know she’s about to remind us all of Allaah."


  Naajia is not only the eldest child, but the oldest great grandchild. She is looked up to by those after her.   She is a reminder to all of us in regards to hard work, dedication, and staunchness to her faith and studies, both academically and Islamically. Naajia is a great example of Islam, for her family and city of Camden. Whomever reads this, may you fall in love with the character of Naajia and offer du’a that Allaah preserves her beautiful character, keep her humble, and protect her from any harm and evil of this world. Ameen. 




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